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A Unique Experience
Culture is a learned aspect of a community and includes music, language, art, culinary tradition and its traits. You cannot call a quick drive through the township a cultural experience – you have to participate and not just be a spectator. We invite you to dance the Hotnot Riel around the fire and listen to the storytelling of the Outa, sit and sample the Mielies & Bone and fresh Roosterkoek with Moskonfyt, and truly live amongst the people for a day or two and to learn what Ubuntu is... What it means to share and be content with the limited resources one has.

We invite you to experience a cultural tour conducted by a guide with authentic Griqua Ancestors and stand alongside the burial place of their beloved Paramount Chief, A.A.S. Le Fleur. You’ll realise how accurate this psychic leader's prophecies about their ancestral farm Jackals Kraal were and why it was called the “Pantry of the Griekwa Nation”.

Be welcomed into colorful, vibrant and friendly communities and experience true Knysna hospitality. Knysna Homestays offers a truly holistic experience, revealing a different aspect to the usual scenery – the local culture and the people. Enjoy the abundant natural resources of the region and meet local people whilst directly supporting the poorer communities and contributing to their livelihoods.
Back in Time

Many people travel because they want to experience cultures other than their own. Not only are foreign visitors interested to know about where we live: they also want to know about how we live. What we do for work, how we entertain ourselves, how we worship, the art that we produce and the many other things that go into creating our unique culture, are usually influenced deeply by our history. This is as true here in Knysna as it is anywhere else.

SATOUR, the government agency that markets South Africa overseas, has chosen culture as a marketing theme for the country as a whole. The Knysna Tourism Bureau has adopted the same approach, and this is reflected in the towns' marketing slogan: Knysna. The Place of People, Beauty and Mystery.

Yiza Sifunde Tourism Route
The Yiza Sifunde Community Tourism Route (“Let us learn”) has its origins in our schools’ Tourism Exhibition, which took place in September 2007, with the theme “Sustainable Tourism Routes in our local communities”.

This route is a combined effort of nine schools within the greater Knysna area; Fraaisig Primary, Hornlee Primary, Sunridge Primary, Smutsville Primary, Rheenendal Primary, Tembelitsha Primary, Chris Nissen Primary, Percy Mdala Secondary and Knysna Senior Secondary School.

The schools were assigned to compile a sustainable tourism route in their immediate communities to test the knowledge they have obtained through the efforts of the Tourism Education Trust and Knysna Tourism. Yiza Sifunde Community Tourism Route is the fruit of their labour – a community tourism route which borrows from each school's initiative to create a unique heritage experience from the vision of the learners. We hope you will enjoy this experience with us!

Yiza Sifunde! –“Let us learn” about our community, our heritage and about ourselves...