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A Unique Experience

Culture is a learned aspect of a community and includes music, language, art, culinary tradition and its traits. You cannot call a quick drive through the township a cultural experience – you have to participate and not just be a spectator. We invite you to dance the Hotnot Riel around the fire and listen to the storytelling of the Outa, sit and sample the Mielies & Bone and fresh Roosterkoek with Moskonfyt, and truly live amongst the people for a day or two and to learn what Ubuntu is... What it means to share and be content with the limited resources one has.

We invite you to experience a cultural tour conducted by a guide with authentic Griqua Ancestors and stand alongside the burial place of their beloved Paramount Chief, A.A.S. Le Fleur. You’ll realise how accurate this psychic leader's prophecies about their ancestral farm Jackals Kraal were and why it was called the “Pantry of the Griekwa Nation”.

Be welcomed into colorful, vibrant and friendly communities and experience true Knysna hospitality. Knysna Homestays offers a truly holistic experience, revealing a different aspect to the usual scenery – the local culture and the people. Enjoy the abundant natural resources of the region and meet local people whilst directly supporting the poorer communities and contributing to their livelihoods.

You will be amazed at the resilience of people who were oppressed and dispossessed, and enjoy the fruits of their struggle. Meet amazing women, hear their stories and share their skills. Feast on local, wholesome food and purchase local crafts as a reminder of your stay. Dance, laugh, cry and sing with the emotions of Knysna. Enjoy a donkey cart ride or a ‘Rock n Ride’ in a local taxi. Choose the excitement of the unknown, the joy of human contact and the opportunity to share the reality of other's lives.

Meet the people – from the Woodcutters in Karatara to the Italians in Gouna, the Khoi and San Tribes like the Griqua, various European groups and the Xhosa speaking people. The experience will show you our Rainbow Nation at its very best.

Discover a wonderfully different Knysna, see her colorful townships and experience her essence. Take this opportunity to explore cultures different to your own and absorb the true spirit of ‘Living Local’. Your outlook on life will be changed forever!

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